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[gzxy1105]Sexy Backless Slant-Cut Bottom Sleeveless Dress


Style: Fashion and Sexy

Color: Grey

Material: Manmade Fiber

Size: S/M/L/XL

S : Bust : 78cm(30.71"); Waist : 62cm(24.41");
Hip : 80cm(31.5"); Length : 122cm(48.03");

M : Bust : 82cm(32.28"); Waist : 65cm(25.59");
Hip : 83cm(32.68"); Length : 124cm(48.82");

L : Bust : 86cm(33.86"); Waist : 68cm(26.77");
Hip : 86cm(33.86"); Length : 126cm(49.61");

XL : Bust : 90cm(35.43"); Waist : 72cm(28.35");
Hip : 90cm(35.43"); Length : 128cm(50.39");

Just like many classic summer dress, this dress adopts the backless design which gives people wearing it chances exhibiting their perfect curve. But there is also one advantage that other products do not have, which is the slant-cut bottom. It is similar to but different from the traditional side-split style, it is in fashion but it does not go far from tradition. In other word it is a combination of tradition and fashion. When this design is added with the light-grey color, the dress looks even better because grey is lies between cute and demure, which matches the theme of finding a compromise between fashion and tradition. So it can be a choice of people loving fashion and people prefer tradition.